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Pioneer FH-X720BT is killing it!

Remember the old good days when our car stereo actually had buttons? Well, now they are back! Sometimes we need a little retro touch in our lives right? Like a really cute retro lamp, or a fancy retro couch, but sometimes, when you spend not too much time in your home but instead a lot of time in your car and you are feeling nostalgic over the old days, a little vintage touch like this, with a newest touch, will be the answer to all your problems.

So today we are talking about a Pioneer product, Pioneer is one of the greatest technology corporation we have out there, and they have really good products, really expensive ones too, but I’m bringing you one of the exceptions to the rule, because this product is not expensive at all, and is not that fancy looking like most of their products lately, but truths me, you will LOVE IT!

We are talking today about every single thing the Pioneer FH-X720BT, this din, actually, Double din is a really good looking radio, it comes with the feature of Bluetooth connection, you can change the color and the illumination on it, and it claims to be supported by iOS controls.

Pro and Cons

But that is too little right? Well, is not the only you will have, you also have MIXTRAX, this is a new Pioneer technology, that will keep mixing the music on your music library nonstop with a little touch of DJ-inspired effects. This feature will submerge you on a new and really fun experience in your car, you will feel in a real concert hearing the best mixes of all times with your favorite artist, it will take out the music of your Android, iOS, USB device and will become in the greatest party ever!

Also this little buddy comes with Pandora, but what is Pandora? Well, Pandora is an internet radio that you can personalize and it mere purpose is to help you to re-discover music that you love, you can enjoy super great sound quality thanks to this program and the sound configuration of your device. Also, you are able to qualify the music and if you want it, purchase the song!

USB Mode, this is also amazing! This will work with EVERY SINGLE device you work with, also, you can attach your old good USB memory and it will work just as great as you remember, but it works better with Android devices.

Now, seeing all that, we need to talk the cons, we need to be neutral about it, well actually this din comes with an “app” mode, but, it doesn’t really work well, it really doesn’t work at all, seems that the applications you can have on this device are really useless, reviews on them weren’t the best of all, and they have not really good use on your car, sadly, this “app” mode is a waste of time.

Also, seems to have it difficult at the moment you need to see your contact list displayed, this could be an issue to some users that are really used to see their contacts displayed on screen, and also, your phone being connected to it can turn a little lagy when you are searching for your contacts, not a big deal, but is kind of annoying. And it seems that you will have issues seeing the screen on a really sunny day, and that can be a real issue.


Well, what do you think about it? It seem really useful, really simple, and really good looking, colors are pretty, and is easy to see what you are actually looking for, avoiding all that unnecessary extra information that can be a distraction for you, sound quality is really nice, call quality seems to be really nice too, and price point is on fleek, so this is a good purchase overall the negative comments. Just one recommendation, make sure you have a good warranty over this product, because it seems that some of them, not all, but some just stop working after only a few month using it, so be careful about it, and make sure you made a wonderful job installing it, because that can be an issue too. Check out our best single din radios.



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