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What component System should you buy?

Today we talk about the Alpine SPR-60C Car Audio Component System. First of all, what is a component system? A component system is the definition of progress, a component speaker system will bring you each part and function of the speaker separately, you will have the woofers and tweeters separated of the rest of all the system, that is a little more of work in terms of installation, but is totally worth it.

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If you decide to install a component system in your car, you may want to know which benefits you will have in your car and sound quality, you actually will have a full of 3 new and amazing benefits for your car. And we will be exploring each one a little bit.

  • First, you have a better tonal clarity, the crossover networks will bring you all the stability you need, tweeters and woofers are up high and they are free to do more for their frequencies, that will be bringing you a more defined point, crossover prevents speakers to kind of hurt themselves playing frequencies they can’t handle. You will have a more clear sound and will be able to actually listen each element by itself, it will give you great personality to your music.


  • Next we have a really good performance of the sound around your car, this feature will completely change the game, remember that sensation of listen to music in your car and sense the sound coming from behind you, or maybe receiving it in your knees or like a soft fog dissipating in your vehicle, you will completely erase that sensation and by elevating your tweeters and placing them in front of you, in the actual dash, you will have a more enjoyable experience hearing music in your car, we can call that a “more authentic experience”.


  • Last but not least we have the full relief and freedom of your imagination, yes sounds crazy, but is a whole new level of playing and listening music, by placing your tweeters in a different level and spot on your car you will also expand the capacity of the sound, that will lead to a better toonal, more clear, a frequency separation, and a stereo separation too, that will allow you to feel and “imagine” more accurate the song you are listening, is like you are having a small private concert in front of you.


Alpine SPR-60C Car Audio Component System review

Knowing all that, what is stopping you on buy and change your traditional speakers and install a new component system in your car? Price? Installation? or maybe you actually don’t know where you can buy this type of technology and are afraid of making mistakes? Don’t worry, I will help you to make a choice and you will be the most happiest person in the world with your new sound system.

We are travelling to Amazon, is the best place and the easiest one to buy this type of technology, we already made all the dirty work and choose one of the best devices in the page to make an idea of what you might want to have in your car, from the Alpine brand we have the Alpine SPR-60C component system, here you have a 6.5 inches  component with 2 way speakers, 660 watts each set and 330 watts each side, sensitivity of 87 db, and a good price point.


These are really amazing, you have a really good deal for the price point, easy to install, easy to use, cool experience always you want, and they work amazing in any car, and are really easy to install, I personally recommended to have them professionally installed, but if you want to give it a chance, you can try!

Amazing product means amazing results, you will amaze all your friend and family with this amazing sound, the great quality will for sure improve your experience and you will never want to leave your car, you will be the coolest of all your friends, and will enjoy some of the best entertainments out there, can you imagine hearing your favorite singer with this? You will really feel like seeing them live!

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