Best three Alpine single din radios


I really trust this three single din radios from Alpine

Good to know, that out there we still have the kind of people who in love with simplicity, and that simplicity is applied to all his/her life, not looking for a really big house, not too expensive clothes, and not too complicated dins.

Yes! It is exactly what you are thinking, some people are still in love with the classical and old design of their radios, and they don’t really feel the need to change that, so out on the market are still a few stores and brands that are actually re-making some of the old car radios, and giving them a cool fresh new touch, new functions too, but not too much, I mean, they can’t.

But, where I can find this Dins, I think I need a retro store, right?

Well, actually, no, you don’t need to go in a treasure search just to find this radios, because they are so close to you, just a click and, you have it!

Some of the best places to buy Din radios for your car, are actually online places, like Amazon, actually, Amazon have the best models and brands, and also the best review I ever saw out there, that means that Amazon also have a great and big catalog of old fashioned (but not too old) Single dins, but with a twist, because some of them actually came with Bluetooth connection. Just take a look of them.

Three best alpine single dins

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The Alpine CDE-143BT Single din radio

First on the list we have the Alpine CDE-143BT, take a look of all the functions this device comes with, first we have the most useful one, if you live in a not so safe area. This Din comes with a detachable “face” that will be actually helping you to find the thief.

This comes with Bluetooth connection, and it is compatible with like all the devices, you can connect your Android tablet, phone, your iPhone, iPad, or just your favorite device, or mobile, for free hands calling.

Talking about the sound now, CD compartment, FM/AM radio tuner, MOSFET amplifier for you to really enjoy your favorite songs, this is a real sound boost. Also you have the App mode, which will allow you to navigate between songs from the connected device. Weigh is 2.9 pounds and measurement is 6.3 x 7 x 2.

This is a great deal for the price point, you have so many functions in this little buddy that for that price! Also reviews are really good on this, the only con I could find was that sometimes Bluetooth is not that great so please be careful and refer to fabric is something is wrong with yours.

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The Alpine CDE-163BT Single din radio

Next we have the Alpine CDE-163BT, this one is really similar to the Alpine CDE – 143BT one, this one have CD compartment, FM/AM radio and the option to enjoy your favorite music from an external device, also it comes with the well-known MOSFET amplifiers, that gives you great sound quality, Bluetooth compatible with all devices, IOs and Android, and the App mode that will let you use your phone as a menu for the music playing.

But this one comes with the option for you to connect to Pandora internet radio that is a functionality compatible with Android and iPhone. Also comes with SiriusXM. 5 x 11 x 10 inches long and 4 pounds weigh.

Nothing but good vibes and reviews for this device, once again all the money you expend in this, which is not too much, is totally worth it, the sound quality for customers who already have one is really amazing, call quality it is also really good, you have good control on the sound input, and the colors of the screen makes the view of the device really easy.

Seems that only cons on this device is that the buttons are really close to each other, so if you have big hands that can be a real issue, you will never get to press the right button correctly, also seems that the display of the songs doesn’t have an specific order, so browsing between them can be a little difficult. But on top of that little issues this device is really worth it, great price and great device.

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The Alpine CDE-HD149BT Single din radio


This is the last one, the Alpine CDE-HD149BT, this is the best one! This came with so many functions, it have remote control, and it is detachable, for security… I think, Colors of the display are really easy to see, white and you can change the buttons colors, compatible with Android and IOs, but this one have more functionalities for iPhone, it have an standard USB iPod cable, the radio is also really useful, RW/CD-R player, MP3, USB input, video also!

LCD text displayed always, changing colors, output 4 channels and 18 watts, and all the parts have 1 year of warranty!

All the reviews for this device it that is the best of his kind, it works perfectly with APPLE products, and one customer had this one for over a year, and never give any problem. Bluetooth is really fast and sound quality trough it is really good, it will immediately pick your device as soon as you enter your car, it will show you when your phone have an incoming call, and you can just stop you’re playing music, take the call, and then keep listening to it with no problem.

Some customers claim to have issues, with the Bluetooth connection, but I think that specific customer mess it up at the moment to install the device, or maybe is an issue coming from fabric, because this one have so many good comments about Bluetooth connections that is hard to believe one is failing.

Well, this devices are really worth it! You can be sure to invest your money in one of these you will have a great product for years! Is not a waste at all!

Great reviews over all make a great difference, they make me so confident and sure to the good sound quality, the great connection, the useful functions this simple device have, each of one have they own unique characteristic to fit everyone’s taste.

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Are you sure now? If you prefer double din head units, we have a good list for you here. My final thoughts, this devices are really nice, they are really trust worthy and you have great warrantees over them, the fabric is so confident about their products that they have zero worries about you returning one of them, unless you messed up at the moment of installation, I mean….. that would be awful.

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