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Touch screens are always on the spotlight lately, everybody wants one, so why don’t we talk today about them? Bringing to you the BOSS Audio BV9386NV, this double din has touch screen obviously, CD/DVD/SD FM/AM/ MP3 and car Stereo is one of the best models out on the market, this device includes coverage of all 50 states maps and Puerto Rico, 2D and 3D map interface, and you will have all the interest points pre-loaded.

You can make calls with the Bluetooth hands free, also you have sound streaming, and access to apps like Spotify and Pandora wirelessly. External inputs, USB, AUX and read camera, Wheel control too.

In general this looks like a really complete it is compatible with all smartphones audios, measurement seems standard for all cars, 80 watts and 4 max power, fader, bass, RDS tuner, built in EQ, and wireless remote are also included, and last but not least, you get 3 years of platinum warranty.

In the box you have:

  • USB adapted
  • GPS antenna
  • User manual
  • BOOS harness
  • Trim bezel
  • Remote control
  • Warranty card


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Seeing all that this device need to be amazing, so let’s talk about some pros and cons about it.

First of all, the EQ is completely customizable, that will allow you to change the sound of your music every time you want, it will fit easily almost every car model and it is not really heavy, also the actualizations are really easy to install and you don’t need to worry about them a lot, you can control all the radio functions through your steering wheel, when you pair your phone with your Bluetooth you have an amazing result, you can add 3 amps or more to upgrade your grade.

Also, when you are playing your FM tunes you can also look up on screen up to 64 characters on screen, you can see the weather, the song name, the radio station name, artist, and genre, how is the traffic on the area and more. You can expand the memory on this device using an SD card up to 32 GB, you can save your favorite music on it or maybe just the map you need, and it will be displayed on your screen.


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The wireless control remote! Why don’t we talk about that? You can have access to all the functionalities of it, it has easy installation, and it comes with an install kit!

Now, seeing all that, let’s talk about some cons, first of all, it seems that volume control is not that good as expected, one buyer told that the difference between level 6 and 7 is HUGE! Seems like volume on 6 is too soft and when you place the 7 level is way too loud, also when they need to switch between screens it seems the sound configurations gets crazy and change completely, and, the display is too bright even in the low configuration. Another bad thing about this unit seems to be the touch screen is not that fast responding, like at all, one user commented that he had troubles when the screen changes to the backup camera, the volume goes crazy and goes to max, yeah, to max, blowing up the speakers with full volume, that is so uncomfortable when you are getting out your garage at 6 AM.

And it keeps getting worse, because BOSS customer service will be like, NEVER responding to your concerns, at all, one guy had serious problem installing his din because they also don’t have any instructions included at all, so he was trying to contact customer services for TWO YEARS and never receive a response back.

Best alternatives to the Boss Audio BV9386NV:

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Well, I really hate making negative conclusions, but this device seems to bring more problems that solutions, so as a personal opinion I would rather look up for another unit, it could be on BOSS hands, they have really cool products, but this one, is kind of a fail to me, also, c’mon guys, what happened with your customer service? We need to talk seriously about it because, customers is how you make your living, and you are only making them go and buy in another places. Not cool. See our other reviews to brands like Pioneer or Kenwood.

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