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So as you now times are changing so fast, touch screen radio do to. That you notice things you think were super updates are left behind, all the new and wonderful gadgets that are arriving to the market every day like car stereos, cellphones, accessories, gadgets and more they came with functions and additions that let you thinking, ‘why I don’t get it sooner?’ You can find crazy and super updated things for your pets too! That’s crazy! But that’s another history, today we are talking about some specific new device that can be your new best friend, and the best friend of your family, but most important, the new BEST friend for your car. Today I will bring you one of the most useful gadgets you can have on your possession, the Touch screen radio!

You really need to add a touch screen radio to your car!

Why should I buy a touch screen radio? 

The answer is relatively simple, as I already quoted at the beginning of this article, times are changing, and you need to keep all your devices updated if you don’t want to be left behind. Also, this device is your best buddy on the road, because you can keep your eyes focused on the road at the same time you are receiving navigation info from it, these devices can be attached to so many devices, useful ones, like cameras, you can have back and front cameras attached to have a full view of the perimeter around your vehicle, some of them have movement sensors.

And don’t even GET ME STARTED about the big screens models you can have on this device, I mean, you can have more screen and more great audio Capability available, your eyes on the road always, because you are not struggling looking at the display, everything turns a lot easier with a big screen. A Touch screen radio obviously, needs a GPS, so imagine the situation in where you have your GPS displayed in a great big touch screen, having always control on the road, listening to your favorite music, If you are receiving a call, don’t worry! This devices comes with Bluetooth options to get your phone attached. You really need more reasons to get one?

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What is a touch screen radio?

Well, a touch screen radio basically is an output device, and an output device is just a computer hardware that is programed to perform any task you command, or… any task that is programmed in the device, let’s be realistic, it can’t make you breakfast, but above that, is a really useful computer. Did you hear about touch screen? this device is normally and most of the times build on top of an information processing device, you can control or give input about the information you want to be show in screen by touching it, you can use an special device (like a pencil) or just your fingers. It depends on the software configuration what your device can do, you can for example in some devices zoom in and out the text you are reading, in some devices you can edit that text, or just download a ton of books.

Now that we now what a Touch screen is, let’s go deeper on the topic, I’m talking that I would show you the best options and models you can buy online of this great device, I will show you all the functions that came with each one, we would talk about reviews from people, real people that are already using the devices, let’s get started!


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Here you have the Eincar New Developed, available on Amazon, this screen is 7 inch, great Android technology, we are talking about latest versions here, Android 6.0 and Google Play Store, that means you can download all the apps you want to the device, Bluetooth 4.0, you can synchronize your cell phone contacts onto it, panel size is 178 x 100 mm, you can have Wi-Fi attached to it, 3G or 4G, you can have a Micro SD in it too, this is a multitasking device, it will allow you to listen to music while you are navigating in it to look up the best route to go home, included it comes with a LED camera for the back of your car and a  reverse camera as a gift for the purchase.

Seems like a really great option if you are starting dealing with this technology, is an easy device you can learn to handle easy, great features that allows you to hear your music while you are navigating on it, you can also have a great selection of languages to choose, and you can control your steel wheel as an extra, as it says in the name, the sound control is also good in this one, you have multiple options of control over it, change the configuration over it and more.

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[amazon link=”B072DRTP56″ title=”JOYING multifunctional car stereo” /]


The second one is the JOYING multifunctional car stereo Android 6.0, 7 inch touch screen, quad core Intel Sofia 3 GR, and 32 GB for you to store any app you need, I think this is one of the biggest storage available on the market right now, obviously GPS navigation, in this device you can have a lot when it comes to map support, you can actually download the map you need onto it if you want to go off-line, google map is pre-installed, radio while you take a look at your map? Sure, you can do that in this one, radio FM/AM, you can change the name of your favorite station! Bluetooth version is 4.0, that means connection is faster and sound quality is so another thing, because it is really good, hand free call always needed, Wi-Fi and Hotspot is really easy to use and navigate, but it doesn’t support USB/BT tethering , it haves auto sleep mode too, with this one you need to be careful with sizing, because it may be a little bigger for your car, so be careful with it, the measure is 178 x 102 mm, normally this devices are 173 x 98 mm, so keep that in mind.

On top of that, this one is a great device, I just want to re-assure that you need to have the correct measurement of your car if you don’t want to cut any of it, navigation seems really good too, it seems to work for old and new models with no hesitance, the auto sleep mode can be helpful if you want to save some energy over when you don’t  need like a map or info coming out of the screen, and it have great reviews on Amazon, so is trust worthy in my opinion.

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[amazon link=”B072TTW45V” title=”Masione Professional Car Radio” /]


Okay the next one is Masione Professional Car Radio, this device bring you a lot of good sound and a great connection quality, thanks to Bluetooth connection, it allows you to change the configuration on how do you want the sound comes out of the device, EQ and multisegment adjustment, is has something call Mirror Link, this feature allows you to have 3 options of connection for different Wi-Fi devices, IPhone, Android USB, and latest Android with 7.0 versions are allowed in this type of connection too, you have access to a support backup camera, when you hit reverse the camera will be automatically switched and ready to use. Additional you can use a 32 GB micro SSD on the device, more storage mean more maps to explore right? 7 inches size.

This is my personal favorite, because it seems to be easier than the other ones to install and navigate on, great stereo sound, great connection and a lot of choices on devices that can be connected to it, also, not only is easy, but it comes with so many features that you really want to have an excuse to go out and use them, it is really a good option for really, really beginners that have no clue on what to do on how this devices work.

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[amazon link=”B005EWTKAA” title=”BOOS Audio BV9362BI” /]


I know, sound complicated, but if worth it, look all the features, it has Bluetooth that allows you to make and receive calls with no risk, audio streaming, you can control Spotify here, and it is compatible with all formats of music, CD’s, DVD, USB, all of them! You can also connect your cellphone or tablet and it will allow you to play your favorite music out of it. You get 3 years of guaranty over this screen, but that is not the best, the best feature I think is price, you will have this screen for only a few bucks.

I mean, yes, is not the best of the best, is not the really latest technology here, but, with a very cheap price and you will have most of the necessary things here, you can call it a new retro vibe for your car.


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[amazon link=”B071DGH8DW” title=”Eincar car stereo” /]


Last but not least we have the Eincar car stereo, this come with only 16 GB of internal memory but you can get it expanded to 64 GB, you can install this with two cameras, back and front, the sound control in this device is great, multimedia Android installed, it allows you to control bass, volume, fader, everything. 3D GPS, so that means, you can see your map in 3D! no, I’m just kidding, but that is a great quality map to look at, you can get a diagnostic on the status of your car displayed on screen, variety of languages for commodity, Wi-Fi, GPS navigation compatible with Navfree, Waze, Google maps, it can be updated using the Wi-Fi feature, HD video quality, support every video format, LED buttons for you, this one is pretty good! Price.

Okay, remember when I tell you the Indash one was my favorite? I change my mind, you can actually download games on this one, so this is my new favorite one, but, if you think about it responsibly this can be a really dangerous distraction, so be careful about playing and driving. (No kidding, you can’t do that at the same time)

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Oh and, you can find them all on Amazon. So forget about spending a lot of time finding a great option.

What do you think about this products? I think they are really useful, they came with great features and look really good in your car dashboard. Some of them have really good technology included, what it means that at the beginning can it be a little challenge to make it work, to install it, but some of the customers reviews on Amazon actually confirms that all the effort was worth it.

You can take great advantage of having one of these in your car, all of them are compatible with the Bluetooth on your phone, so you don’t have to worry about that, one of the most useful features is the camera, the camera that you can actually attach to the device can save your life in a risky situation, last features and the latest technology bring you the best friend for your car, you can have all your trip information displayed in screen, that gives you total control about the road, the stops you need to do, where to find a hotel? You can actually search it in your new touch screen.

What is good about the sound in these devices?

Like, EVERYTHING! This devices come with also latest trends and technology about sound quality, you can have buffers and bass be controlled on screen, here you have the perfect car speakers for the touch screen radios. These devices mostly come with Android software, so you have access to Play Store that means tons of tons of useful applications on your device. Last thoughts, you need definitely one of these in your car, it would be so much easy hitting the road with one of these in your life, besides, if you just want and alone scape trip, and with this baby you don’t need a co-pilot anymore! Awesome don’t you think?

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