Kenwood DDX774 Double Din touch screen Review


Let’s keep it clear, when it comes to double din touch screen radios for your car, you will always be looking for the most convenient, affordable, aesthetical correct model, the one who will be adapted to all your needs and on top of that, if you are just a beginner, you will want a model that would be easy to understand, right?

Well, first of all, you need to have clear exactly which functions you want in your new device, GPS, Radio, navigation between applications, good memory, Wi-Fi, every little detail needs to be studied, here some tips before you jump to buy one.

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Tips before you buy a touch screen radio

You need to get measure your car, I saw cases in which the owner of the car doesn’t get the measurement of the stereo correctly and then, he need to cut part of the console because his touch screen was too big. Normally when you buy a screen like this they have all the specific features including measurement, please make sure you have the one to match your car.

Maybe you want to check if the screen you are buying have all the tools you want, some may not come with GPS, or some will not come with Radio feature, so you need to check out that too before the purchase.

Kenwood DDX774 Double Din touch screen review

I want to make your life a lot easier, so I’m giving you a good old review of the Kenwood DDX774  screen. Looks like a really cool screen, but let’s take a closer looks about pros and cons.

This screen is 12 x 11 x 8 inches, 6.95” with buttons that have variable illumination, it comes with CD/DVD receiver and FM/Am you have HD radio tuner, also you can adjust angles over 6 different configurations, comes with Smartphone features: like you have a built in iPhone, iPad and iPod controller, and a music control too. You have access to a fast charging for Android devices using USB cables, and a lot of music apps controller (Pandora, iHeartRadio and Spotify), you want Bluetooth connection? You have it! Hands free for every call, you will hear it crystal clear, and you can connect to 2 pones at this one.


Let’s see video and audio features, this screen have USB, CD and DVD, yeah, you can actually use your CD’s here, lows and bass boost controllers. Sounds like a real good sound system! Also you can expand his capability, it is compatible with SiriusXM. And it seems compatible with almost every car. Oh! I almost forgot to talk about money yeah, for all the features it comes with, I think is a good deal.

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Now, let’s talk about the cons, the surface is very, I said a little too much, reflective. So that is a feature you really don’t want when is a sunny day and you can see nothing displayed on screen. That I think can be dangerous, you can be blinded by the reflectivity of the screen if you get the right angle.

Another con this screen have is that it takes a little too much navigating between features, one of the reviews of the buyers said that it took exactly 15 seconds to actually start, is like, you turn on your car, ready to go, and then… you need to wait till the screen actually shows you the Kenwood logo and then is ready to go… well, kind of.

Because it takes a real 40 second to get Bluetooth connected, and another good 41 seconds just connecting to Spotify, so when you saw this screen is really fast navigating between features… actually is not.

I’m sorry, I don’t want to blame the brand, but this is something that already happened to a lot of the buyers, with different car models. So it must be something wrong in it.

Besides all that, the screen is really functional, you have access to a lot of functions, and a really cool audio set up. Music comes out really smooth and clear when you play it on this device, video also plays good on it, and they are some reviews that says this device sound better than a Sony one! So you know now, if you are looking for a great device to upgrade your ride, this a really great option! Check out our guide to find the perfect touch screen radio.

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