Kenwood DPX502BT Double din head unit review


Normally we will be always looking for the best upgrades for our car, or our home, our phones, we will be hopping always improve our life quality, and make longer the functional life of our devices.

Come, let’s talk about our car, you want the best leather for the seat, or the best brake liquid, the best gas, the best oil, and why not?

The best car stereo system

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What do you need to look up on a stereo system, or what is common nowadays, a touch screen WITH stereo system, well first, the screen is a lot more useful than a stereo alone.

So, what if you really are looking up for some really good prices and good product quality for your car? What if you are looking for the best touch screen for your car? Where you can find them?

Almost every product you want, EVERY one, I’m not kidding, is on Amazon, you can have them shipped to your house, you don’t need to interact with awful people on the stores, or huge line waiting for paying your product, buying online is like the solution of all your problems. Don’t you think?

And here you have it, the screen you are looking for, the Kenwood DPX502BT or more simple the Kenwood double din head unit, this is a great deal, we need to start that it is one of the least expensive devices I found out there, that also have a lot of features available, let’s talk about them. You find the Kenwood DPX502BT also in our Best 5 double din head unit overview.

Features of Kenwood DPX502BT double din head unit

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First of all, the Kenwood double din head unit comes with a really fast charging option for android, so you get an extra point because it would take out of any rush when you really need your phone and battery is letting you down.

Kenwood had a feature that actually makes sound reconstruction, and screen have it, it basically said that “It reconstruct and restores music to compressed music”. Customer reviews said that this device is actually really fast in terms of Bluetooth connection, it seems to be really fast navigating between features, and between the USB and Bluetooth connection, so add another point to it!

And it is compatible with almost all cars, I didn’t saw any bad review about that this device and the new owner having troubles installing it, actually, all reviews I saw until now seems to love it, and I kind of love it too, because it is a really good deal.

Some another good features this device has is a great and easy intuitive menu, is easy for you to navigate in it and find the features you need or want, also, it seems that the blue color of the buttons are easy to see, so plus another great point! It will pair great with your current amplifiers (if you have some in your ride), just don’t make your neighbors too angry with your loud music, please.


Let’s talk about now to the cons on this device, seems some of the buyers have some issues with the radio tuner, apparently the device in some cases is not picking up any radio station, I think actually maybe some of them came with some problems, but I’m not sure, is better to refer fabric in this matters.

Also, maybe the screen is a little to reflective, so in sunny days is a little trouble maker, because reflection of sunlight make it difficult to see the actual information on screen. Also, some users find it a little complicated to use, seems that the menu is “confusing” and “hard to read”, but these are some isolated cases.


This is actually a really good deal, you have access to a bunch of functions and features that are compatible with all users and automobiles, great sound and the option to actually control the sound goes out, great quality, great compatibility with all systems, USB and Bluetooth great connection, my favorite personal feature was the really fast charging option because believe me, I had suffered when I go out and run out of battery in my phone, and this can safe me of a lot of troubles.

So what are you waiting for, this great deal can be no longer available by tomorrow, go buy one now!

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