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Why should I replace my speakers and buy the Kenwood KFC-1665S?

Maybe you just need a new change in your life, or maybe you are just tired of your old ones speakers and really need to get rid of them, or maybe, they are really really old and need to be changed, whatever the reason is, you maybe are a little bit hesitant because sometimes changing your speakers is really expensive, so maybe want to do a little bit of research first and consider if your old speakers are really that bad.

If the case and answer is yes, they really suck right now and sound is not coming out good, but you are on a budget and really don’t want to spend a lot of money in fancy speakers, you can actually not change your old speakers and buy absolutely new ones, but instead you can work with them and make some changes on them. Actually, if they are still sounding good, you just need to make some changes and upgrade your factory speakers to have the best results.

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But what if that you really want is change your speakers and install a new ones from Kenwood? You maybe want to still spend the minimal amount of money on them because, times are hard nowadays. But wait, what do you really need to have and install new speakers on your car? you need to know which problems you may face trying a full new installation, maybe one of the biggest concerns is that you can see you facing the lack of space, you can be facing mounting issues, and also if you are working with the full package you will be facing for sure issues and won’t be able to just put them onto the old enclosures and expect everything just go as planned

So knowing this, and with the decision made or changing your speakers, now you will want to know which are the materials you may need, like first, you obviously need to remove your old speakers, you may want to have a screwdrivers kit, a trim removal tool, and maybe a socket set with ratchet.

After all this knowledge, you might want to know where you will find the best deals when it comes to new speakers, well, amazon is always my number one on this matters, and not only because is more easy to buy from them, is because you can actually see and trust on reviews written by customers that already buy the product, so you for sure will not be wasting money in some bad builded and defectuos devices.


Pro and Cons

Talking about Amazon, in this wonderful place I actually found a really good deal for a completely new set of speakers, they are from the brand Kenwood, and the reference is the Kenwood KFC-1665S, they are really cheap. They will offer you 600 watts on two way audio coaxial speakers, they maximun capability will rise up to 300W, you have a black basket made of steel, crafted specifically to reduce noise cancellation, that will help you to achieve the best sound quality possible. And last one dome tweeter available with 6.5” PP. that is a lot of goodies for an inexpensive and affordable price.

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These speakers are a real good deal, they are really easy to install, and really easy to use, sound is really clear despite the price, you will have a great product, these speakers will really fit any previous cavity you have in your car, you can replace the old speakers and without the need of making more holes on your car.

A few cons this speakers might have are that bass is not that clear as an expensive set, also you maybe notice a little bit of interference sometimes, but that is not a big deal, I mean, for that price, you can deal with a little bit of interference here and there.


What do you think about it? really affordable and good speakers that will give absolutely no problems in terms of installation, they will sound a lot better of your old speakers and forget about the need of making new holes on your car. really worth it. You search for other stereo car speaker, take a look on you on the top 5 best car audio speakers.

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