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Pioneer is backwith the Pioneer AVH-X390BS!

Sometimes we get so amazed about new sophisticated brands that are always making vague promises about miraculous products that will be doing your laundry if you want. They would tell you that your radio can make calls to the other side if that wasn’t illegal, you know. The point here is, we need sometimes keep sticking to the old, the thing that we already know that works. But I have some good news for you, as time are changing, our trustworthy companies are changing too, in a good way, they are making actualizations every once a while in all their technology, in that way they are still in the market competing against newer brands.

So today I’m bringing you, for the good old Pioneer, the brand we all know, a new Double din for you and your beloved car! This is the Pioneer AVH-X390BS, this device comes whit a fun functionality that allows you to make your own mix whit the song you have, like a Dj! You can see all the music information displayed on screen, CD receiver, and 4 channels 50 watts, you have full control on screen over Android and iPhone applications, and it comes with a remote control included!

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Here is the thing, we are going to talk about pros and cons of this device, so hold on your seat, because this is going to be fun!

First pros, seems simple, but this device has all that you need! It is really easy to install on your car, you will have a great experience doing it by yourself because it is really easy have the wires correctly assembled, the harness and everything, this unit is compatible with most of the best buffers and amplifiers, so that is an extra point for the unit.

Also, for the price is really worth it, it is not expensive at all, Bluetooth connection is good, sound is good and the screen seems to be easy to read, the display of the menu is easy to find too. Okay so one fun thing about this device is that you can actually match the colors on screen to get along with the interior of your car and make it look really nice, you can have the GPS on your phone attached to this unit and it will be running with no issues, also AppRadio live app works flawless!

It is a really good match for anyone who loves not expensive, well made, functional, devices, and also for those who doesn’t want to expend a lot on money on installation and more. And… This unit have only 1 bad rate overall.

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So let’s see what was the con on this screen, seem to be a malfunction, but I think it has to be that maybe they didn’t install it properly, it says that the screen start to flashing all crazy when car is starting, sometimes the car need to be turned off, allowing with the screen, leave it for a couple of seconds and then turn on all back again for it to work. It is kind of weird, but nothing that cannot be fixed by having someone to check it out.

Well, most of the problems with this specific unit seems to be due to problems at the moment of installation, here you have another one, it is claimed that the album art of any album is not showed on screen when you use Spotify, that it is a feature included on the bin, and mostly it doesn’t work, so you have to rely on your Bluetooth if you want to connect to your favorite music. And, seems like unfortunately Pioneer costumers service is not that good, sad situation here.

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But, good news are that overall, this is a great great product, you have a lot of features despise the low price tag, you can make and take calls which is a necessary nowadays, the sound quality is good, really good, and Bluetooth connections looks really fast! Also as GPS is not really included here, you can use the one on your phone with no issue, it would be displayed in the screen, so what do you think? Worth it or nah? Seraching for a Pioneer alternative, click here to search our other reviews from other brands.

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