The Pioneer AVH-X4800BS reviewed by bestcarmedia


Keep it clear with the Pioneer AVH-X4800BS!

As I like to say, I like my old thing, but with some kind of new refreshment that will make me love them even more! So it is really fun when your favorite companies actually invest in their products to keep them making more and more useful for our daily life, we have the best products in our kitchens, we have blenders that will break up to the hardest nut to make a great butter out of it, or in our office we will have on point technology to make our work really easy, our even in our phone we have maps for us never get lost, or apps to help ups a little bit on our diet, even we can connect with our loved ones living far far away with a single touch.

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But, what happened when old and new collide and want to make sometime really awesome to our cars? Well, that is when you need to upgrade the game and give a new gift to your life, and buy a new Touch screen radio!

So today I’m talking about how Pioneer upgrade the game and bring a brand new Din, this is the Pioneer AVH-X4800BS, this is a DVD receiver, Motorized, it has an internal AMP out of 14 watts x 4 channels, Bluetooth included, it means you can make calls without using your hands and keeping it on the steer wheel, also you can connect your IOS device to it and play your favorite music using this feature, Siri is included in this one, you can have her if your device is compatible, you have an adapter to connect to your Apple device and watch movies out of it! And you can track on the weather, the traffic and all that because it is compatible with SiriusXM Sxv300 tuner.

Let’s see what are the pros and cons on this device, it is always funny to compare them!

Pros goes first, so overall this is a great device, it is capable to offer you a lot of functionalities and features that are really fun and necessary, also aesthetically is really good looking, so you will have a good looking din in your good looking car, sound is great! The EQ, bass control and Loudness are amazing, easy to handle, easy to configure them at your pleasure, and overall great sound incoming, it is a really fast devices, it would turn on and start working as soon as your car engine goes on, this one has a touch side bar placed in the UI so you will be able to place your favorite song in your favorite spot so easily, and is really helpful when you are playing remixes that are one hour long! ONE HOUR!

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You can change the background and place whatever image you want, also your phone will be instantly connected once you get on your car and turn in on, your calls will sound great, and you have the option to add favorites if you need to make calls quickly and easily. You have the option to tilt your screen up onto various angles so you will have always the best view on the screen, the driver’s will be always seeing all the information needed displayed on it without troubles, or any effort.

Well, let’s jump fast onto the cons, they are not so many, so it will be fast.

This unit doesn’t have a Mute option, so if you want to make a quick movement lowing the sound, you will be actually seeing you lowering down the volume one by one till you reach the 0 level, not a big deal, but still.

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Well, this is a really great din! Is so useful, so full of energy and good reviews that makes me speechless. You have great quality here, from the great menu displayed, to the great sound that it is offering you, the great Bluetooth connection and the real option to place a list of your favorite contact to keep them always on hand. It is really awesome, also it looks great once installed. Ah! And installations seems to be really easy too. So don’t wait and go buy it!

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