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This amazing Pioneer din will completely change your life!

Sometimes we are looking after something new for our life, and with a completely full new year over our shoulders is a great opportunity to bring some new things! New furniture maybe, a brand new TV, but don’t forget you need to do something for your car too, and boy this is the right time for that! A completely new double din can make things a lot more fun and amazing in any road trip!

We have the perfect one for you, keep reading to know more!


Say “hello” to the Pioneer avh-x490bs

This double din is just amazing! Starting with designs, this little buddy is really simple but at the same time will look amazing with any interior you have in your car, with a really comfortable and full black design is the perfect complement for any car!

Now one of the most useful features this double din has is the USB direct control for iPhone and iPod, you will have total access to all your music library trough a CD-IU51 cable (not included with the din), this cable is the last in technology and will support all your music without minding the format, and also video playback, it doesn’t matter, with this combination you can have it all.

Also, this din also support a separately CD-interface cable, if you are an old fashioned person and still love to travel around with your old CD’s. You will be looking in screen artist, song and all the album information displayed, beautifully on the 7” screen, that is also a touchscreen!

Another feature will allow you to navigate onto all your files without much trouble, Alphabet search and Link search are an amazing way to have access to all your connect without being to distracted on the process, also you9 will save a lot of time navigating between all your files thanks to them.

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Sound Quality

Now let’s arrive a topic we all are interested, sound quality, this double din can be your best partner on the road, you and your car and music are completely unique, and this double din will make sure to fulfill all music tastes with an amazing sound display, some of the features you will find on it to increase the sound quality are an Auto-EQ that will suit and adjust at any gender, and Time alignment.

You will have the equalizer set along with a touch panel that will allow you to swipe between settings and built your own music configuration between high or low.


Pro & Con’s

This din also have bluetooth connectivity, this feature will save you the hustle to buy the USB cable, and you will not be missing it thanks to great connectivity and sound, also this feature will allow you to make hands free calls and control all your music and videos from your phone, also you will have an advanced sound distribution feature too.

Supporting almost all sound and video formats, this double din is really amazing, will look amazing on your car and you will have a lot of amazing features to play with.


However, not everything is baby blue, some users report having a used din instead of a completely brand new one, however as I can see they just returned and receive a brand new in no time, is well speak about shipping is really fast and you will receive a double din well packaged with all the parts included.

Sometimes bluetooth will fail outside the vehicle, however who wants to hear their music outside their car, if you are not trowing a street party that is not an issue.

And the last negative comment is about some defective dins, but that is common and the fabric will just replace it with no problems.



This is a really amazing product, an amazing company that will always make sure to give all their customers the best products, so this double dis is completely worth it, you will have great sound quality and a lot of amazing features on it, your money will be well invested on this unit, also is really easy to install, so no more money spend in installation there!

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