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The best gift for your car – Pioneer MVH-AV290BT

We really spoil our child’s, a lot, but sometimes we also spoil our belongings, yeah, you read it right, sometimes you will be inventing a little bit more of needed money on some good actualizations and products for your car, that is not bad, but.. You need to know your limits, sometimes it get ridiculous.

But this days they are so many great devices to make everything easy, or at least make everything looks really good, and I mean, REALLY good. So why don’t we just, take a little close up look to what this companies are offering us nowadays for our iron child, shall we?

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So, lately Pioneer is on demand, and it is not weird, because they have some products that will make you say damn! Why I don’t have one of these sooner? Their products are taking over the market, but not only because of the brand, is because they are bringing really good quality, useful products on the market, these products will fit all needs and will make every single new buyer happy to make the choice on them.

So, we are going to talk about one in specific, here we are talking about the Pioneer MVH-AV290BT, this double din comes along with simplicity, but simplicity not always means not useful, this devices comes with touch screen, 6.2 inches with clear really badass resistant screen, the backup camera will be ready to help you always.


Your iPhone will be his best friend, because they are compatible with each other, also you have the option to connect to it via Bluetooth or using an USB cord, just, be careful letting this product near to toddlers, because it contains small part that can be swallowed and well, nobody wants a choked toddler, right?

Pro and Cons

Let’s move on to the fun part, the pros and cons, and I’m being serious, since this is not a device with a lot of functions, I will be so real with this, you have been warned!

First of all, pros obviously, negativity to the end, I was reading top reviews on Amazon, (by the way, you can buy this on Amazon) and the first one is actually one of a guy experiencing the joy of installing dins in his car for the first time! Ever! So this is the first pro, is so easy to install, that maybe you can do it blindfolded, I’m kidding, don’t do that…

Second, this is not only compatible with Apple, you can have your Android device attached to it too, call sound is just so clear that you feel the other person is sitting having a conversation next to you, also the music sound is really dope too! The stereo is great, for real, it is so simple that is wonderful, people that are having troubles adapting to new technology will be having a really fun time with this Din, because it is not complicated at all and have all the functions you need.

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One more point on favor, YouTube have so many installing and review videos of this one that you will become an expert on in.

Let’s jump on right on the cons, the bad part, I don’t like it at all, so well, first of all it seems to be a not so good Bluetooth connection, because it will be get disconnected sometimes, that is a burden if you have your jam playing and out of nowhere, silence, that piss of anybody!

Also some users get scammed for this, there is one user to claim that he buy the din and get a really old 80’s radio, he paid almost $200 for it! That is not cool, and last cables seems to be sometimes a little too short to make an easy installation, I don’t know, maybe is the car model that have some extra space.

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Well, this a really good Din, it is simple, but functional, and not too expensive, connection is good and it is compatible with most of your devices, and you will be not distracted by a screen showing up too many information to understand, so I would definitely buy one of these, because sometimes simply is good! If you searching for the perfect single din unit, we have a best of list in the menu bar.

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