Top 5 Best Car Audio Speakers

Top 5 best car audio speakers

Your car is where you spend a lot of time when you need to travel long distances or even every day when you are stuck in traffic on your way to and from work. This makes it the great place where you can enjoy some good-quality music to improve your mood and make the time go faster. However, not all cars come with the best-quality built-in speakers or some might easily become outdated as the technology evolves every year. Therefore, there are many car drivers interested in finding the best options at their disposal in the category of great car audio speakers that might be compatible with their vehicle and which might deliver great performance. We have made the research for you and today, we will reveal top 5 best car audio speakers that might attract your attention.

1.      Alpine SPR-68 Car Speakers 

The first product from the category of best car speakers available these days that has attracted our attention through its key features and performance is Alpine SPR–68. This is a 2-way system of speakers that feature the type-R coaxial technology. These speakers have been designed following the new style grille that ensures full woofer protection. Their unique design attracts attention immediately and it is perfectly complimented by professional features.

The system comes equipped with a multi-layer type of hybrid fiber cone that enables the delivery of a strong bass response. It includes a special multi-roll rubber surround with a high amplitude that enables an extended, consistent cone movement for enhanced performance. Their tweeter has the capacity of producing smooth highs complimented by the 1-inch swiveling silk material featured by them. Moreover, the system also features high-density polymer frames.

The product dimensions are 10 x 18 x 12 inches and 10.8 pounds’ weight. They fit a wide range of vehicle systems which allows you to successfully replace your old-built-in speakers with these new best car audio speakers. These offer the best bass response available at the moment and ensure perfect clearness with less distortion in terms of sounds featured at higher volumes.

With the right amplifier, you can power these professional car speakers to maximize their potential. The delivery of clear, loud sound, no distortion and easy installation in your car makes these speakers a perfect choice.

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2. 165A1 SG – Focal 6.5″ Speaker System

The second element we have chosen to include on our list of recommendations of best car audio speakers today is represented by a 2-way component speaker system that delivers high performance. 165A1 SG features a peak power handling of 240 watts per set – 120 watts for each element. Its RMS power handling is of 120 watts per system thus 60 watts for each element. The butyl rubber surround featured by these best car speakers enhances the overall performance of the component system.

The system includes an inverted type of dome tweeter that is made of aluminum for improved resistance and durability. The package does not include any grilles. You will get amazing sound balance enabled by the key features of these components. The included tweeters are not too bright and the sound stage they deliver is really among the best ones you have ever heard. Their features totally balance their price, which makes these speakers a convenient choice of product to use in your car.

The package that gets delivered to you includes everything you need to set-up the system in your car easily and ensure perfect sound performance. The 2 tweeter flush mount cups come installed together with the 2 angle Tweeter mount cups. You also get 2 crossover networks and the useful tweeter lock washers. You will benefit from 8 speed clips and receive a user manual that will offer you the necessary guidelines to ensure perfect installation of the system.

Finally, this system of car speakers is humidity-resistant and features a woven glass-fiber woofer in a fiberglass basket. You will benefit from 3 position tweeter levels through the external crossover featured by the system. Its frequency response is 60-20000 Hz, its sensitivity is 92 Db and the mounting depth of these speakers is 2-9/16 inches.

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3. Morel Tempo Ultra Integra Car Coaxial Speakers

Our list of recommendations from the category of best car speakers continues today with another product that you will be surprised to discover: Morel Tempo Ultra Integra Car Coaxial Speakers. The system features a power handling of 250 watts’ maximum transient power and 140 watts RMS. The nominal impedance of the system is 4-Ohm and the featured sensitivity is 92Db. The two speakers have a frequency response of 35-22.000 Hz and a crossover point of 4500 Hz.

Moreover, the voice coil diameter of this system of speakers features a 38-mm woofer and a 25- mm tweeter. The enabled mounting depth of the system is one of 3.35 inches. These professional car speakers manage to deliver clear sound and a very deep bass every time you use them. Moreover, if you wish to use these at their highest potential and be amazed by their performance, you need to ensure a good supply of power through the choice of an appropriate amplifier.

Great dynamics, the right neutrality and soundstage orientation are features enabled by these Morel Tempo Ultra Integra speakers. Their unique design is a perfect match for their amazing performance in terms of sound quality. The speakers manage to produce a coherent, constant sound field in all possible directions due to their professional recessed tweeter that was designed to concentrically align with the system woofer cone.

Finally, all users can use this system of speakers either for rear fill or as the main element for the front stage. It is available in a 5-inch drop-in type of driver and feature direct fitment in numerous factory locations.

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4. RCF N850 Vehicle Speakers

Next on our list today comes another great system of professional car speakers: RCF N850. The system functions based on a 3-inch diaphragm and a professional 2-inch exit throat compression driver made of titanium. It delivers a continuous program power handling of 180 watts. The enabled frequency range in their case is 500 Hz – 20 Hz.

The package includes the rear cover as well as the front adaptor ring. The rear cover is made of 3 slots that are geometrically optimized to ensure perfect phase plug and it is made of aluminum. The front adaptor ring is copper inductance type. The system operates based on the professional N850 compression driver that ensures smooth applications. The large format type of arrays as well as the high power enabled by the speakers make this system become a favorite one among users looking for the best car audio speakers.

Additionally, a very good and smooth transition from the phase plug to the output interface is ensured through the front adaptor featured by the system and which is aluminum type. The product dimensions are 6 x 6 x 5 inches and 10 pounds ‘weight. This system includes professional car speakers that are easy to install and use, which feature proven durability and deliver the best performance in terms of sound, lack of distortion and power handling.

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 5. Hertz HSK 165 Component Speaker System

We will conclude our research today with a product that also deserves your attention because it has a lot to offer in terms of quality of components and performance. This last element on our list is the Hertz HSK 165 Component Speaker System. The system includes 2 elements that feature a power handling of 250 watts peak and 125 watts RMS. It includes a Neodymium REN Tweeter of 25-mm size. The woofer DIN of this 2-way speaker system feature a 165-mm size.

The best advantages offered to users by this well-performing system of speakers is excellent clarity as well as sound and the balance between their audio performance and their price. The built-in midranges and the featured trick fiber mesh cones are good quality. Other key features such as their large-size magnets, the sturdy cast aluminum basket and the professional grille also recommend these products as best car audio speakers.

You will get a good flush mount, an effective 30-degree surface mount as well as a 60-degree one for enhanced options. The passive crossovers included in the package are sufficiently large and feature a very well-established construction. These are easy to install by following the guidelines you receive in the instruction manual you receive with the package. Finally, get ready for the best car audio experience with no distortion of sound, no harshness that might interfere with the quality of the music being played and enhanced performance that will bring joy to your ears.

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We all have cars these days and spend some noticeable time in them every day. Therefore, there is a great interest in finding ways in which to ensure a better way of spending time while being behind the wheel. Listening to good music is a great blessing especially when you spend long-hours on the road. The good news is that nowadays you can benefit from the use of great performance car audio speakers in any car. We have already discovered such five best car speakers that you can now analyze as well and see whether these make a great choice for you.


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