Top 5 best Pioneer car speakers


Top 5 best Pioneer car speakers for you!

Sometimes you really want to give your car a little something something, just spoil him and make things easier for it, I mean, it is your buddy, your best friend, the one who really understands you when you need to be alone, that companion for the long trips, and the short ones too, and thinking about it, you may have already buy a new stereo for your car, that really good looking double din, that looks amazing on your board, but it needs something else, something that you will feel proud of, something that will make all your friends jealous, so what about… some new and amazing speakers?

I mean, you already have the best double din head unit out on the market, but still have the old speakers that came with your car? that is not cool at all, why do you need a new din for if you are not planning on upgrade your sound game? you need to change them at all cost, and today we are giving you the best options out on amazon for your delightful, but first, we are going to talk about what do you actually might need to have the best sound system in your car.

Why buy new car speakers?

First of all, and the most obvious one, you really need to change your old speakers, you need to know the truth, speakers are the last thing manufacturer cares about, they need to make sure first you are not buying a grave with wheels, safety first, always.

So speakers are in a low fifth place of priority, if you really want great quality for your ca you will need to take care of the matter by your own hands, because when they say that you will have a “VIP” package with the latest technology for your car and all that, normally and mos of the cases, they are lying, I mean they are for sure not using the best devices or speakers for your car, for sure. So thinking and actually replace the original speakers for a new better ones can make a huge difference.

Second, you can actually blame over the music file, better files means better sound quality, compressed music can sound relatively good on your earbuds, but because it is an extremely compressed file, at the moment you are playing it through a bigger and detailed sound system it can sound a little distortion, low and high frequency information can be lost, and you will lose a lot of quality if you listen your traditional compressed phone music. You can still use your phone, sure, but try to have the less compressed file you can, the bit rate needs to be higher, so you will be really enjoying a good quality song in your road trip always, also, if you are using an App music and not your downloaded song, make sure to adjust the configurations available on it, you can play and have fun with them.

You can be using a car amplifier to, to make your experience more enjoyable and take it to a whole new level, a separate amplifier for your stereo can really make the difference, don’t be shy with the power, if you think 200 watts are too many, sorry but I need to tell you that you are so wrong, A completely separate amplifier will give you the experience you deserve, the difference will be like day and night, you will have more quality sound, your system will work and for real sound a lot better, this item is essential for you to upgrade your sound level.

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You can play games in your car by adding an equalizer, the acoustics on your car might not be the perfect one to have a concert wannabe experience with your favorite song, so an equalizer can be so helpful when it comes to solve serious problems about the quality, have in mind this, plastic and glass are a natural reflectors, so that means that they will reflect any sound like crazy, also seat covers, carpets and any fiber and absorbent materials will… uh yeah, absorbing the sound like it will not see a new day. so if you actually have an equalizer, you can control how sound goes out, and you can totally avoid reflection and absorption of sound in your car, multiple points for you to adjust how will be responding the frequency, you will control any single peak in the system without any issue, you will be able to eliminate any frequency or response peak and considerably increase bass volume, you can also maybe have a microphone to analyze the acoustic of your vehicle.

You will also might turn all this new remodelation into a DIY, because for this next item, you can actually may have easier if you craft it. You will need a better sub box, and you can actually buy it, this is ideal for a subwoofer box, you need to make sure that is completely sealed, because if it’s not air will be leaking and it can really disturb your sub’s performance. Oh, but you have a ported box? well no problem, you just need to be sure you have the appropriate sub in, or maybe you can just destroy an old sub that is actually designed for a completely sealed box.

The most important here is to make sure the box is correctly and completely made to make the perfect volume for the sub you choose, a single drop or error can be a fatality for your sound performance. Or you just can avoid all that and purchase a perfectly crafted box that will be working fine with your subwoofer.

What is a subwoofer?

Speaking about subwoofers, these little buddy is also a really important member of the family, you will need to make sure you have one that will achieve and complete your expectatives completely, you might want to enjoy also the surprise moment when you turn up the volume and that thing goes crazy, a great subwoofer will offer you that enjoyable moment always you want it.

A subwoofer is the way for you to bring the greatest bass sound to your life, it can actually bring you the lowest octave of all your music and it could completely change the way it goes out, and make it totally enjoyable. Subwoofers can be seeing on the bad way because people think they are only made to bring the boom over your music, and that is kind of annoying when your neighbor goes too hard with the basses at 3 AM, but it is really and easy to adjust at your taste.

Well well, you already have all the knowledge you need to start turning your sound system into the beast you dream about, but where you can actually find all the ingredients and materials for your newest craft? well I always relay on amazon, this place always have the greatest deals, greatest products and also you can never lost, because you always will have reviews of customers that already have the product, so if you don’t like something about it, just jump onto the next one until you find your perfect match.


Here you have the top 5 pioneer car speakers

First we actually have a great brand, Pioneer, I already work and review lots of products of them and they are really awesome, they have good politics and will be always working for their customers, so you won’t be disappointed with them.

Pioneer TS-A1676R

Here you have the Pioneer TS-A1676R speaker pair, you have a full 6.5 inches of fun! with a powerful and full capacity of 320 watts, multiplayer media connected to the Mica matrix cone design for you to have the best, enjoyable and most amazing sound ever, great response frame and super fast always you need it. it is also super lightweight and resistant at the same time.

So what is really good about this model? well, first we have a lot of materials combined in one amazing product to develop the best manufactured system you can have, extra lightweight for you comfortness, and sound goes through it amazing, clear and strong if need it, the super mica matrix cone will sustain and maintain everything in place, the superior rigidity will be the strongest ever, and you will have no internal loss. Make with an extra layer to keep and excellent and outstanding use of light, also 100% waterproof materials.

You will have additional features on this speakers, as heat resistant, coil voice wire that will make heat dissipation easier and will assure a long durability of it, A new spider design using the same materials for the PRS, and also a cooling basket to protect you equipment of overheating.

Pro and Cons

So now we are talking about the goods and bads, pros and cons about this device, but I’m not making them, you will have opinions and verdicts coming from real people, people that already buy every product, tested and write their opinions onto amazon, so let’s take a look.

First we need to talk about the important matter, sound quality, it is really good, every single person who buy this item and install it perfectly in their cars have the same opinion about it, sound is really good, maybe it can alack a little bit o the bass part, but it is really good overall. Second pro, is really easy to install and it would most in all cases fit every single spot from your old speaker. another good thing about it, it is really lightweight, for real you will not notice them been in your car at all, and on top of that they are made with some good and resistant materials so they will last for a long, long time.

Now some not that good reviews about them, one actually caught my attention, and it is that, maybe this is not the perfect match for your mini cooper, sorry. and also if you are really picky about sound quality you might be not the perfect fit for them too, I mean, they are really cheap, so maybe want to expend a little bit more on speakers if you really want perfect sound.

Some personal opinions? Make sure you have the correct measurement before buy them, and also make sure your expectatives are not too high in terms of perfect sound and bass. Keeping that aside, this is a great product and you will not be disappointed with it.

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Pioneer TS-A1306C

Next we have another Pioneer speaker, Pioneer is killing it today! This speakers package is really worth it, is really cheap, and you can search it on amazon as TS-A1306C, with 4 inches of enjoyment, you will have full 300 watts each pair, a passive crossover network, elastic polymer surround best materials as always.

This a completely new generation of Pioneer speakers the have a lot of power and a new really good looking design, they are designed to replace with no issues your old speakers and really improve sound quality as you know it, a deep bass will provide you the new sound you look for, and a brand new tweeter completely designed to increase the range of high frequencies, and deliver a really improved sound at really high volumes,  and heavy bases for you to fully enjoy dubstep, hip hop and alternative rock.

So, knowing all that, you might want to know also what users really think about these new speakers, so let’s jump right onto reviews and see what is going on.

Pro and Cons

Overall customers are really pleased to have new speakers with a really great sound quality, over their old ones, sound comes out really clear and smooth, it doesn’t seem to have any harsh spot anywhere, midgrade is really good, as one of the customers said, Pioneer never disappoint! these is a huge improvement for your old factory ones and upgrade your sound game.

These are great speakers, however one issue you may have is that the tweeters can be a little bit buzzy, but only if you use them at really high volumes, and it seems to be an isolated case of only one customer having issues with that.

Seeing that these can be really good for you, you have a great price, great sound quality, easy to install and really easy to handle, also so many good reviews, you will really feel safe investing on them.

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Pioneer TS-A6986R

Let’s go to the next one, shall we? Pioneer is the perfect definition of good quality, good customer service and on top of that, the best products for every single need you have, this one is not the exception to the rule, you have here the TS-A6986R, from the A series, you will have 6 x 9 inches of pure fun, 600 watts and 4 way. It will make all you’d sound dreams comes true, and you will see all your expectations achieve with this, this ones are also builded with multilayer mica matrix cone woofers, and a soft dome for your tweeter will make the real difference.

Dynamic range is on demand, powerful bass and a new aesthetic design, you will be able to replace the old factory speakers from your car and having the best experience available ever!

Pro and Cons

These speakers seems to be the perfect match for any space you have in your car, they are really easy to install onto it and you will find it really comfortable to handle, also sound quality is really good for the price you invest on it, one really good advantage is they are really lightweight, so you will never notice they are there, also sound is amazing in reduced spaces.

The only con I was able to found was that bass is lacking a little bit, but not too much, it is a really small concerns on top of everything, because they are really good.

I will recommend these ones at any moment, they are really trustworthy!

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Pioneer TS-A6996R

We have two more left, next you have for your delight the Pioneer TS-A6996R, these are the next level,  you have a 650 watts 5 way speakers that will fit anywhere you need them, a soft dome for your tweeter to have great sound quality, and is made with multilayer mica matrix cone for your woofers.

These speakers came with a really useful and interesting promo, if you buy a used model, you will save the 72% of the total price, and you will have complete coverage and warranty over it, so don’t be afraid to buy a used model, you will be safe anyways.

Pro and Cons

They also fit perfectly in your car, you don’t have the need of making big holes on your car, sound is for sure really clear and good, and at the same time soft and smooth, crazy right? Also materials are the best of the best and you will have a product that will last a lot onto your car, and all of that, for the price, and with really good promos, what else do you need to make sure you need them?

Seems that the only issue with Pioneer speakers is that bass is not that good as expected, is not bad, ,don’t get me wrong, but is lacking always a little something else that the expensive speakers will give you over them. is not a bad thing or a thong that will bother you a lot, I just want to point that.

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Pioneer TS-A1685R

We are on the last one guys, this need to be the golden pot for us to close perfectly this talk, we are talking about quality, about function, about good materials and good sound, we are talking about everything, so here we have the last of the Pioneer family, the Pioneer TS-A1685R.

I knew it! this is a special item, because it is actually discontinued by Pioneer, and you will have a limited stock of them forever, if you miss this, you lost them forever. so okay, these speakers are 6 and a half inches, they are 350 watts 4 way, and it only came 1 pair on the package. it can handle peaks up to 350 watts per pair, it is builded with elastic polymer speakers and a soft dome tweeters with wave guide, this will be increasing sensitivity of them. also they have a high temperature voice coil, they are super lightweight and super resistant, made with only the best materials Pioneer knows, this ones came with aural reflection, musician’s movement, stage size and other few extras that Pioneer build for you to have the greatest experience ever, they are also made to develop a nice diaphragm that will give you extra lightness to reproduce all your music with outstanding sound. Sounds amazing, right? Let’s see what real users think about this amazing product.

Pro and Cons

The most praised and positive feature about them is that they are super easy to install, you will have no trouble doing all the procedure by yourself, you don’t need to remove any panel or additional part of your car to have them placed and running with no issues, also, if you get the bad luck of having some defectuos pieces, amazon will get the issue onto his hands and will send you replacements right away, no need to get over stressed for it, actually no need to get stressed at all.

Next we have sound, they sound amazing! Sound is clear and well distributed over your car, it is a high end purchase, you will have no troubles with playing your favorite and loudness music on them, they will never let you down.

The only real issue is as always, baas is not that good as expected, but is not a real trouble because you still will have great sound quality over all, and for that price point is even better, and remember the promo! it is like 10 times better.

There you go, those five speakers are the best out there on Amazon for having that well deserved upgrade in your car, you will be enjoying the best audio systems out there, for real, they have a really good price, they are well made and you will have them for a long time, materials are designed to made them strong a durable, but also lightweight and really easy to handle, we need to highlight that all the versions and different models we seen, are super easy to install, you may have 0 problems with them, and it is so easy to have them working perfectly and have them also well attached to your car will be no issue at all.

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My personal conclusions, Pioneer has really made history through the years assuming the responsibility of always bringing the best products you can find out in the market, since 1938 they are working as hard as they can to have the best products and the best materials, but most important, they have the best relationship with their customers, they build and irreplaceable and break proof bond with us that will last for a long long time.

So why don’t deposits all our trust onto this amazing speakers? They deserve it, because they work really hard to really bring the best devices on the market and with great prices.

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You already know, Pioneer is really good, and with the hand of Amazon, you’ll always find anything you really need, and if you just need to upgrade a little bit your ride, well, this is the right place!  Don’t hesitate, and really make the investment on this amazing products, you will not regret it at all, and just think about the fact that you will be making the same investment in minimum 5 more years, so what are you waiting for? See also our top 5 double din head units.

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