Top three Alpine doube din units


First thing first, what is a Din?

Because is the first time I really hear that word, so well, according to, a DIN radio is a standard radio, normally the measure for this radios is 2×7 inches, but it can be different depending on the brand, basically a DIN radio is when you want to change the original radio that comes with your car, and you replace it with a different new brand radio, more sophisticated and with more functions than the old one.

Well, knowing that, why would you change your radio? I mean, it’s still functional, you can still listen music to it…

The issue now is that a Radio that only plays music is not exactly useful anymore (irony come to me), yes, we need more that only listen music, we need we need to receive calls, we need maps, we need also good quality in terms of sound, we need everything, so that is why everyone is changing their old radios nowadays.

So, for you I’m bringing the best the dins from the Alpine brand, the pros and cons of each one, and at the end we will jump right on top my personal thoughts about them.

The Three best Alpine doube din untis


The Alpine CDE-W265BT

First, we have the Alpine CDE-W265BT Double Din, this comes with 2-DIN CD’s/MP3 player which is what it is call double din, an just to make sure, you can ACTUALLY play CD’s it, including the ones that comes with VMA and MP3 files, duh. Bluetooth connection and iPod/ iPhone support, I think that means that you can give support charge to those devices.

Amplifiers seems really good, 18 watts, 4 channels, 2006/50 peak, MOSFET. And, you can change the color on it. Measurement 6.4 x 7 x 3.9 inches, weight 4.1 pounds.

Over all is a really good unit, seems easy to install, easy to use, good receptions most of cases, but we have some fails about some purchases.

One of the users complain about the interface being to “picky”, because he needs to be careful when navigating meanwhile using USB mode. It also seems that the device will choose the same song multiple times without even advising. And you can’t listen the last song you just play. Also it seems not at Apple devices are compatible with this unit, and the microphone is not really resistance. And I just found this is not a touch screen, so, minus some pints for that.

Overall, this is a great device, easy to install and use, great sound quality when you play your own music or just the radio, and for the price, I think is worth it.

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The Alpine Ine w960

Let’s take a look to our next participant, the Alpine Ine-w960 Navigation Receiver, this one will fit a double din space with not trouble, hand free calling, you have access to a great Bluetooth connection, it is compatible with the SiriusXM program, it is a satellite radio tuner, CD/DVD compartment available with 6.1, Maps of all united states, Canada, Virgin islands and Puerto Rico, and also it comes with the most interesting places of each location. Dimensions are 9 x 10 x 10 inches, and weigh 7 pounds.

Let’s talk about the reviews, in my opinion, the maps functionality is really great, you don’t need specifically to be connected via Wi-Fi to look at them, and that they come with the most visited places listed on, is a great advantage. Sound quality is clear and better that some Pioneer devices, but it seems to be the only advantage this devices has compared to other ones, some of the cons are that the buttons of this devices are not lighted, so at nights it is really hard for you to see them, also they don’t really come with a full menu like other devices, so navigation is a little bit complicated, and it seems it is not compatible with android.

But if you really are looking for a Din that offers you the best sound quality, this is the one for you, because over all the reviews I read about this and other devices, this is the one who owns more stars for good sound quality.

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The Alpine ILX-107

We present to you, the Alpine ILX-107, it seems this one works mostly with Apple, it is compatible with TuneIt alpine for IPhone, and Apple car play, the VGA 7 inches display it is touch screen, 6 channel set up for Alpine App, comes with parametric EQ, and steer wheel REMOTE CONTROL, this feature always make the difference for me In a device like this.

It doesn’t have a CD player, sadly.

MediaXPandern, iDatalink, Maestro and Module apps included, Rear camera view, and you can actually use Siri and Apple maps while your phone is connected to this one. Weigh 4.9 pounds, measurement 11 x 9.8 x 10.5 inches.

Wow! This device only have 5.0 out of 5 stars reviews! Sounds is great, this device really allows you to control EQ quality, so it will always be the best sound coming out of it, connection with your phone via Bluetooth or via USB allows you to actually control all the functions through it, so it will make it things easy when you are travelling in companion.

The only cons this device have is that Android is not supported, and installation can be a little bit difficult if you really don’t have experience with this kind of hard work, over all, this is the best of all!

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Conclusion and Final thoughts

Well, Alpine devices are really worth it, seems that they are lacking in some areas, but don’t be fooled by that, this devices work great with any type of car, person and necessity. The overall review is that sound quality is their strength, winning over all the great brands like Sony and Pioneer that give you a lot of good talk about this brand.

The main cons are that they are in some kind of personal fight with Android, because none of this Dins support Android devices, also, the simplicity of the menu (or the lack of it) can make life difficult to some users that are used to Dins that actually came with elaborated menus and easy navigation.

But overall, I keep recalling that Alpine devices are some of the best, more simply and good quality devices out on the market, they have one device for each of your necessities and life style, if you need a map, they have a device, if you are just looking for some good quality sound, well… that is not worry because ALL this devices have great sound quality, so don’t think about it too much and go buy your first Alpine NOW! If you are searching for a Alpine single din unit, click here.

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